When marketing efforts are not performing as hoped and BPA deadlines loom, many brands resort to their ” last ditch efforts” to hit their audit goals. With the ease of sending out email efforts, we can often find new subscribers shortly before issue closes. Or telemarket to one final segment with a tight timeframe.

In these days of in-box overload,we need to think carefully abut the lists we use for our final efforts. Key list overuse will certainly result in lower response rates and higher opt outs for future efforts. But, with a little digging, you may find pockets of names to market to hidden in your database(s). If data is siloed in multiple locations, this is a great time to reach across your desk and ferret out some new lists.

Here are a few places you may be able to find internal lists to market to:

Former subscribers
Sister magazines
Enewsletter subscribers–for the host or sister brands
Online or in-person event lists
Trades for outside event lists
Website registrants
Research boards
Advertiser lists
People who have downloaded white papers and other material from your website
Prospect lists that other departments might have
Review unqualifed subscribers–can you append missing data or manually upgrade them to qualified status?
If you are missing email addresses or phone numbers on current subscribers,can you append that information from other internal brands so you can contact them via email/phone?

One or more of these lists might net some new subscribers for you. Happy digging!

The journey continues.


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