What will I bring to each assignment with your organization?

  • Innovative and forward-thinking solutions

  • Authenticity, curiosity, and balance

  • Creativity and attention to detail

  • Integrity and confidentiality

  • Quality, experience and scope

About the Company

Cindy Cardinal has helped B2B media and business intelligence firms build an active, engaged and known audience database, combining marketing best practices and technology.

For 20 years, she has helped her clients improve prospect and buyer knowledge, integrate with new technologies, and find new opportunities for their brands.
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  • Kevin Simpson, President
    Cindy is the consummate professional. Her advice over the years on circulation, data base management, audience development and US Postal regulations has been invaluable. She’s an integral part of the company and always there when we need her.
    Kevin Simpson, President
    Human Capital Media
  • Theresa Gralinski, Director of Marketing and Communications
    Cindy has the unique ability to look at audience analytics and data to hone in on areas of concern or untapped opportunities. She can follow up that analysis with a creative, practical and effective marketing solutions. That’s a rare talent.
    Theresa Gralinski, Director of Marketing and Communications
  • John Taggart, Chief Executive Officer
    We have been using CC Communications for over 15 years. Cindy Cardinal has been the force behind our success in driving not only circulation but the audience development of our audiences. She has been instrumental in developing the plans and the execution of the plans when we have successfully launch new products and services.
    Without her knowledge of the markets and trends in the industry we would have mostly likely stumbled in our efforts to grow our audience. I highly recommend Cindy and her company to anyone who is not only an established media company but anyone who is looking for a fresh prespective of the marketplace.
    John Taggart, Chief Executive Officer
    Human Capital Media
  • Steve Crowe, VP
    Cindy did a great job for Meredith on our B to B brands. Most of our titles are consumer driven which is where our expertise lies, so having a B to B expert like Cindy support our team with strategy and training was so beneficial. I highly recommend her services.
    Steve Crowe, VP
    Consumer Marketing at Meredith Corp.