Cindy Cardinal has been a consultant for 18+ years, working with magazine publishers, media and information-driven companies, and a few consumer-based companies. She helps them improve their marketing efforts and database platforms with the goals to find new customers, improve knowledge about current clients, and ramp up and optimize their social media efforts. She has also trained individuals and groups about audience marketing generalities and day-to-day job specifics.

In addition, Cindy has over 25 years of experience working with controlled magazines, many of them BPA-audited. She can help your crisis brands, launch a new product, train green audience development professionals, and work with your hands-on staff as needed.

She partners with other industry experts and a variety of vendors to get her clients the best results including database management and fulfillment companies, telemarketing firms, email vendors, BPA, USPS, list rental and management companies, e-publishing platforms, printers, freelance writers, and other consultants.

Several of her blogs have been re-posted on the AAMP (Association for Audience Marketing Professional)’s website. ¬†They can be found on the Industry Insight’s page.

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