The THUD factor. That’s what I remember most about the always-anticipated Seventeen magazine back-to-school issue when I was in high school. There was no clothes shopping for me until I had time to devour that issue and read about the latest fashion ideas.

17 back to school issue

Thick, glossy pages, were full of so much critical information for a high school girl to absorb. I can remember tall boots, suede jackets with elbow patches, knee length skirts. I think much is in similar style today!

Of all the print magazines that have disappeared from the newsstands, this one was the stiletto to my heart. Seventeen was such a big part of my formative years. It is perhaps one reason why I remain a magazine junkie today, why my entire career has been working in magazines and media.

According to Folio, Seventeen will live on mainly in a digital format. Sorry, but that isn’t as visceral or sexy as opening the gate-fold covers, folding down and flagging pages to re-visit, ripping out pages to take to the store to copy, stacking them along my wall to read again and again.

I know. We didn’t have 24-hour access to shopping, Instagram influencers, the latest fashions, and ability to purchase from around the world. But some of that anticipation, the imagination, the memories might also be missing from the experience.

What are some magazines/TV shows that influenced your high school years that have vanished from the media landscape today?

The journey continues.


P.S.  On the tail of posting this, news came out that Glamour was also ceasing print.  Wow.

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