When laptop computers were revolutionary, I had a boss who actually said that he deleted unused files so that his computer wouldn’t get too heavy. And he was serious!

Today with never-ending emails, cross promotional emails, enewsletters, blogs, and a myriad of social media streams, I have experienced how they can be virtually heavy, overwhelming. Here are a couple tricks I use to keep the information-flow relevant:

  1. At the beginning of each quarter, I delete incoming enewsletters that I no longer read.
  2. I opt out of ads that I never use, or limit the frequency to weekly rather than daily.
  3. If a blog has become stale, I stop following it.
  4. If someone continually posts nasty, inappropriate, complaining Facebook posts, I have become ruthless in unfollowing or hiding their posts. This has made for a more enjoyable newsfeed…and I have not missed any of those deletions. And I am pickier in who I choose to follow.
  5. I follow more brands on Twitter than Facebook.
  6. Some people use a different email address for their online purchases, but I would never remember to check that secondary email address.

How many social media streams can one person follow? And just because i purchase one item from your website –especially if a gift–does not mean I want to be inundated with thrice-daily advertisements and encouragement to purchase more. I am more likely to totally delete those emails.

How do you keep control of your inbox and your social media outlets?

The journey continues.


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