17 Test Marketing Ideas

Test, test, test! Testing seems to have disappeared from many marketing efforts, but it’s still my mantra.   Especially with email efforts, it is simple to set up marketing tests, often at minimal cost increases.

Our email boxes are overflowing, response rates are down, lists are fatigued. Testing is how we discover what makes our customers respond, what segments of our file work best, what formats they like, etc. I had a first renewal email effort control that was not beaten in 5-7 years, despite copy and format testing. This year new copy beat that control by 3.5%–a huge increase.

Here are 17 ideas you can test in your upcoming email marketing efforts:

  1. Test several outside lists with the same copy/design
  2. Short vs. long copy of the same message
  3. Bullet points in an email message vs. no bullet points with all other copy the same
  4. Design test
  5. Email Subject line
  6. Email “From” line
  7. Format HTML vs. text
  8. Include a PS on the message vs. no PS
  9. Layout of response page
  10. Response links–embedded in copy vs. a callout box
  11. Tone of message
  12. Day of week emails sent
  13. Time of day emails sent
  14. List segments used
  15. Color used on same design
  16. For a magazine effort, test using different cover shots
  17. Send same message twice to non-respondents, with a “Second Chance” subject line

Remember to only test one element for each effort. Have fun and let the strongest effort win!

Let the journey continue.


3 thoughts on “17 Test Marketing Ideas

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